Displaying content from your iPad to another Mac friendly device

One of the things I love about my job is discovering a new way to do things that is smart, practical, and intuitive to the end user. If you are an educator or presenter looking for a way to include group interaction in a workshop, or if you want to capture content from your iPad […]

Capturing Information from your iPad Screen

Perhaps you want to share some information you found on the Internet while surfing on your iPad and you’re not sure whether or not you’ll be able to get online when you want to show this information. Or perhaps you want proof of an online purchase for your own records.These are just two examples of […]

Screen Capturing Tips

“Susan, help! I know how to copy and paste but I don’t know how to transfer an entire page or share that page with others. As soon as I scroll down, what I have highlighted goes back to white. Ugg! Can you tell me how to transfer a page onto an email without having to […]