I can’t stop learning about how to do things better and faster while having fun. My enthusiasm is infectious – watch out, I’ll teach you too!

The last few years has seen me helping leaders upgrade their computer-based skills in the workplace, whether it was working with those in high tech, the legal and judicial sector, or service industries. I’ve also helped companies develop training strategies, roll out new IT programs, or advised them on other IT-related projects.

When I’m not learning or teaching technology, I love to be with family and friends, travel, devour books, and try out new recipes. Or I’m cycling with friends, meditating in community, or working on a mystery quilt. Or I’m reflecting about life and the wonders of it all…


  1. Cool blog at least I think so. Thnx for enlightning this info.

    Tim Craudfield
    jamming a cell phone

  2. Kanu says:

    Hey Susan, pretty neat. Thanks

  3. Una says:

    Hi Susan,
    Great to read!

  4. Roger Nault says:

    Great Stuff – I feel like you’re with me. Well written – talking to me rather than at me — very helpful stuff! Keep it coming.

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