iPad Security Tip #1: Use (Simple) Passcode Lock

Recently my iPad was stolen. Boy was I glad that I had enabled all the security that I had! I made it harder for the thieves to access my data. And from what I can tell by trying to track my iPad using FindMyiPhone on iCloud (https://www.icloud.com/#find),¬†and also thankfully set up correctly before the theft, the thieves haven’t been able to crack my passwords to get my data or get online. Whew.

It’s important that you set up a passcode lock to be activated immediately when you close your iPad case, put your iPad to sleep, or turn it off. Here’s a quick video (2:54 min) on how to set up and use a simple Passcode Lock (using iOS 7).

Steps for Setting Up a Simple Passcode on Your iPad (iOS 7):

1. Turn on your iPad.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Choose General from the left hand pane.

4. In the right hand window, scroll down to Passcode Lock.

5. Tap on Passcode Lock.

6. In the new screen, tap on Turn Passcode On. Enter a 4 digit numerical password. Ideally it would contain 4 different numbers and something not that easy for another person to guess.

7. Re-enter in the passcode you had chosen. Your passcode is now set up.


On the same screen, turn the option called “Erase Data” to ON. This means that after 10 failed attempts to get into your iPad, your data will be wiped.

Then, at the top of this screen, click on General to go back one screen. Turn the slider ON for the option called Lock/Unlock. This means that when you close your iPad cover (for most iPad covers), your iPad will be locked automatically. And when you open your iPad, you will be required to unlock it.

Questions? Please ask. Thanks for following along. Susan