Adding footers in Word

Scenario: You are creating a multiple page document with others. You need to let others know how many pages there are in total and you want to help your future self remember where you stored the document. Use the header and footer functionality in Word which lets you insert repeating text on each page in […]

Resetting a style in Word when all else fails

Scenario: You’re trying to apply a new style to a paragraph yet the new style isn’t being applied. You’ve tried clearing the style and even that doesn’t work! Now what? If you ever run into style issues like the one listed above, delete the paragraph marker, make a new paragraph, and then apply the new […]

Create Your Own Audio Book

What better way to be close to loved ones if you aren’t in the same place! Record your voice reading a book and then share the audio file. Before starting, make sure you have three items ready to go: 1. a working microphone connected to your computer – I used my internal microphone on my […]