Teaching Yoga With an iPad

The versatility of a tablet device lends itself to many types of collaboration, including, yes, teaching yoga. It’s so easy to access lesson plans, play custom music sets, and help explain anatomy and postures, just to name a few practical uses.

So I thought I’d use today’s post to share a couple of apps that I use for teaching yoga and for personal use. And perhaps you have even more ideas to share with me? That’d be great.

Disclaimer: the apps featured here were from the Canadian Apple iStore so they may not be available in other countries. Prices may fluctuate (I see prices have already increased from what I had paid many moons ago).

1. Universal Breathing – Pranayama App by saagara – $6.99

Follow along preset breathing sets or create your own that fits into your meditation practice.

Universal Breathing

2. Insight Meditation Timer App by Spotlight Six Software – $2.99

There are many timer apps available. This one offers a selection of tones to start or end your practice with, or even set an interval bell. It’s so easy to use! And I really like how the developer has built-in a link to others who are meditating at the same time that you are. Another way to feel connected from your mat.

Meditation Timer

For music used to accompany yoga sets, I use iTunes. I create a custom playlist and transfer the playlist to the iPad.

For my lesson plans, I use Excel on the Mac (on my laptop) to create the curriculum. Then I store that file in Dropbox and make that file accessible for offline access on my iPad (read this earlier post if you want more information on that). That way I have access to my curriculum on my iPad, if I need it, during class.

Learning about human anatomy has been fun and enhanced with anatomy apps too. There are so many but here’s one I use regularly:

Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D By Real Bodywork, $4.99

Muscle & Bone Anatomy by Real Bodywork

This way all I need to teach yoga is my iPad and my yoga mat.

I’d love to learn what apps you use on your tablet for similar needs. Let me know.

Yours in health and technology, Susan

Published by

Susan Wheeler

I love to provide technology skills training and help in the workplace. There are so many wonderful tools and resources available to you so if you are not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

One thought on “Teaching Yoga With an iPad

  1. Have sent this interesting and valuable info to our yogi and will definitely get these apps for our own yoga and meditation practices…very helpful..with thanks, xom

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