Editing PDFs Electronically

My clients are asking me how they can edit electronic forms in PDF format.

For me, the easiest and quickest solution that I’ve found is to save the PDF to my computer and open it with PDF editing software. I like PDF Pen – it works on the Mac and on the iPad and it’s been my go to pdf editing software now since August 2010. There are other PDF editing tools out there on the market but honestly, I’ve found PDF Pen to be user-friendly, reliable, EASY, and affordable. For the record, I am not affiliated with the company, Smile Software, whatsoever.

Here’s a quick video (5:30 min) to show you what I mean. In this example, I’m using an online credit history request form from Equifax (yes, it’s time to submit my annual credit history request!) and PDF Pen 3.

Hope you find this post useful. Let me know, ok? TTFN, Susan