Capturing Information from your iPad Screen

Perhaps you want to share some information you found on the Internet while surfing on your iPad and you’re not sure whether or not you’ll be able to get online when you want to show this information. Or perhaps you want proof of an online purchase for your own records.These are just two examples of when you might want to take a picture of your screen, or capture some information for use later.

Here’s a quick how to video (2:22 min, iPad3). The steps are written out below the video as well.


1) Make sure the information you want is displayed on your screen.

2) Tap and continue to hold down the HOME button on your iPad (keep it pressed down).

3) Tap and continue to hold down the SLEEP/WAKE button on your iPad (yes, keep it also pressed down).

4) Now, release the HOME button first.

5) You’ll hear the sound of a camera taking a picture. (Now you can release the SLEEP/WAKE button.)

6) Go to your Camera functionality on your iPad and open the Camera roll (tap the bottom left icon once you have opened up your Camera). The last picture that you took will now be displayed which should be the image of your screen if the steps 2-4 were done successfully.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you found this tip useful! Susan