Choose how much web content to print (Internet Explorer)

Sometimes you only need a printout of some of the content on a web page or you just want to be environmentally sensitive because you don’t need all of the content in hard copy.

Here are the steps:

  1. To print only part of a web page, select (highlight) the content you want to print. Make sure the content that you have highlighted contains mostly text. For example, highlighting a list of email messages in your inbox will not work with this tip.
  2. Go to the File Menu, select Print (do not click on the printer button on the toolbar).
  3. In the new window that opens, called the Print Dialog Box, look for the heading called Page Range (it should be located near the bottom left corner). Choose the option called “Selection”. Tip: if your printer permits double-sided printing and you know the selected content to print will be more than one-page, select that option now.
  4. Then click Print.

Helping Your Eyes Read Web Content (Internet Explorer)

Here’s the scenario: You are researching content online using Internet Explorer. Some web pages have too much content so you may have to use both the horizontal and vertical scroll bars to read each line. Or your eyes are getting tired. OR the font size is too small.  What options do you have?

Tip #1: Make the web browser window as big as possible

Press the F11 key. Notice all your menus and menu bars will have disappeared. To restore the menus and menu bars, press F11 again.

Tip #2: Resize text on the screen

If your mouse has a scroll wheel: Hold down the CTRL (Control) button on your keyboard and turn the scroll wheel on your mouse either towards you or away from you. The text will enlarge or shrink depending on the direction in which you are spinning the scroll wheel.

If your mouse does not have a scroll wheel: From the View menu, click on Text Size. Click on the desired size. (The dot indicates the one currently selected.)