iPad Security Tip #1: Use (Simple) Passcode Lock

Recently my iPad was stolen. Boy was I glad that I had enabled all the security that I had! I made it harder for the thieves to access my data. And from what I can tell by trying to track my iPad using FindMyiPhone on iCloud (https://www.icloud.com/#find), and also thankfully set up correctly before the theft, […]

Turning your iPad into a Digital Picture Frame

There’s a great feature built into the operating system of your iPad that displays your photos to you as if your iPad was a digital picture frame. Here’s a quick video on how to set this up (1:54 min): Or, here are the steps: 1. On your iPad, go to Settings>Picture Frame. 2. From the […]

Organizing, sharing, and managing digital pictures

“Susan, what’s the best way for me to store, manage, and share personal photos I get by email, CD, or one of those little stick thingies?” Picasa! Picasa is another free tool by Google and a really great option for hobby photo enthusiasts.  For those of you who know me, I’m all about finding solutions […]