Happy Monday!

Today is July 25, 2011. A Monday. And my spouse’s birthday! What could be better??! A Monday AND a Birthday!?!

I LOVE Mondays. I really do. At first it drove my colleagues crazy when I bounced into the office early on a Monday morning, singing out happily to everyone “Happy Monday”! I was greeted with rolling eyes, groans, or mutters under the breath. As the weeks and months passed, and my attitude remained constant, people started to respond – with smiles, or with explanations of why this Monday wasn’t so bad in their opinion, or with more happy Monday tales.

My love for Mondays wasn’t always with me. It’s come about in the last 15 years or so for which I am grateful. No longer do I have that pit in my stomach starting on Sunday evening. No longer do I dread going to work nor do I have any more sleepless Sunday nights.

The turning point came about, coincidentally, on a Monday. I felt myself deflated at the end of the day while walking home from work. I reflected on my life and started thinking of other Mondays past. Why did I have a negative view of Mondays?  Then it hit me that I had it all backwards. Most of the good, positive, and constructive​ things in my life have happened on a Monday. Like getting married to my wonderful spouse. Getting promoted. Getting downsized (it was a good thing). Starting a new job, meeting new students, or launching a new project. Meditating with a like-minded group at 6 am in the dead of winter in Ottawa. Something special usually happens to me on a Monday (and I don’t plan for it). I just started noticing and my Monday attitude did a 180-degree turn for the better.

As time has rolled on since my little epiphany, I’ve reflected more on which weekday is my favourite weekday. I keep coming back to Mondays. Mondays, for me, are a time to roll up my sleeves and delve into something with what feels like more than enough time to do it right before the week is over. Mondays get good energy from the prior weekend. Mondays feel like new beginnings.  And if you love what you do at work, like I do, it’s also fun to go back to work and be with your colleagues and clients.

So allow me to give you something to smile about on a Monday. I’ll share fun and practical technology tips on the occasional Monday. And watch, this positive mindset is infectious. Soon you’ll be greeting others with “Happy Monday”!