Organizing, sharing, and managing digital pictures

“Susan, what’s the best way for me to store, manage, and share personal photos I get by email, CD, or one of those little stick thingies?” Picasa! Picasa is another free tool by Google and a really great option for hobby photo enthusiasts.  For those of you who know me, I’m all about finding solutions […]

Screen Capturing Tips

“Susan, help! I know how to copy and paste but I don’t know how to transfer an entire page or share that page with others. As soon as I scroll down, what I have highlighted goes back to white. Ugg! Can you tell me how to transfer a page onto an email without having to […]

Create a personal map when you need it (for free)

My friend contacted me the other day for some help. He needed to create his own map to share important business information with clients to help his clients find key project locations. He needed a map he could print or a map that he could share with others and one that he could update easily. […]