Syncing Your Gmail Contacts Onto Your iPad

If you’re like me, you only want to use and maintain one set of contacts. I’ve decided to use my Gmail account and contact list stored therein as my source, so I needed to figure out how to sync my Gmail contacts easily to my Contacts application on my iPad.

Here’s how to do this (3:40): .


1. On your iPad, click on your Settings icon.

2. Tap on Mail, Contacts, and Calendars from the left hand pane.

3. Tap on “Add Account…

4. Tap on “Other

5. Under the Contacts options, tap on “Add CardDAV Account

6. Fill in the four fields. For the server name, enter: . Fill in the other fields with your personal account information. Under Description, enter whatever you would like (e.g. “Google Contacts”). Tap the Next button at the top right.

7. The software will authenticate this account. Look for a green checkmark beside each of the four fields.

8. Tap the new account (in my example, I tapped “Google Contacts”) and verify that the account is on. If not, slide the Off slider to On. Click Done.

9. VoilĂ ! Your Gmail contacts are now being synced to your iPad Contacts application. Go to your email and compose a new email to one of your contacts to see that these steps worked.

Thanks for stopping by, Susan