Three Productivity Tips for your iPad

At work you may use your iPad for managing email (and various email accounts), taking notes, managing tasks, and doing research. The more I use my iPad, the more I find I want to do things faster with it so I thought you might be in the same situation. Here’s a video with 3 quick […]

Keeping search results at hand while evaluating promising leads

Have you run into this situation before? You search Google to find an answer to something. A few promising leads catch your eye from the many results that you are presented with. You click on one lead to read more about it and you find yourself clicking deeper into a new web site. Then you […]

Read new online content without losing the information currently on your screen

Scenario: you’ve found an excellent web page containing links to other web sites that you now want to check out yet you’ve only read part of the content on this web page so far. How can you look at the new links without losing the original content on your screen? The easiest way to do this […]

Choose how much web content to print (Internet Explorer)

Sometimes you only need a printout of some of the content on a web page or you just want to be environmentally sensitive because you don’t need all of the content in hard copy. Here are the steps: To print only part of a web page, select (highlight) the content you want to print. Make […]

Helping Your Eyes Read Web Content (Internet Explorer)

Here’s the scenario: You are researching content online using Internet Explorer. Some web pages have too much content so you may have to use both the horizontal and vertical scroll bars to read each line. Or your eyes are getting tired. OR the font size is too small.  What options do you have? Tip #1: […]

Reusing Online Content In Your Microsoft Word Documents

This tip will save you time and unnecessary heartache. Here’s the scenario: You find some content during your web travels that is exactly what you’re looking for. You decide you need to include it in one of your Word documents. After pasting in the content, everything in your Word document looks screwy! What happened?! Content […]